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Book Tour

Through 2011/2012 I toured the UK selling the interview book at the following events:

August 2011 – PolyDay Initial Book Launch

September 2011 – Bi-con

June  2012 – PolyDay

 October 2102 – London Alternative Market, part of London Fetish Weekend.

 November 2102 – SWAMP Bristol.

 November 21012 – Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (BBB)

December 2012 – Alternative and Burlesque Fair Manchester

If you would like me to come visit your event, and talk about the project, please contact me.

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The Polyamory Project Skype Interviews – Dennis Queen

Another element of the project was to interview people via Skype.

Using a program which would record the video and audio I asked the participants to answer the questions I’d provided them.

 Dennis Queen was my first participant, this interview can be viewed here.

This interview is the same questions as the book, but this interview is very special as it touches on Polyamory and bereavement.

More information about Dennis can be found on their blog.

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The Polyamory Project Interview Book And The Kinsey Institute

I got a very exciting e-mail in the last couple of days, from Kenneth R. Haslam MD. Kenneth is the founder for the collection of polyamory history for the Kinsey Institute.

Founded in 1947, The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University promotes interdisciplinary research and scholarship in the fields of human sexuality, gender, and reproduction.

The Kenneth R. Haslam Collection, developed by Dr. Haslam in order to further public and academic understanding of polyamory, contains a wealth of materials, including books, conference materials, research articles, newsletters, archives of web-based discussion groups, and more. The collection can be found here

I am very very proud to be contributing to this.

For those who aren’t aware of who Dr Kinsey is have a look at this.

He was also the subject of a film about his life and works.

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