Welcome to The Polyamory Project Website.

Here you can find out information and the elements of The Polyamory Project.

For nine months I documented a polyamorous family in Cambridge. I really wanted to understand what polyamory is, how people live a polyamorous lifestyle and how it makes them feel. As you will see I am somebody who isn’t polyamorous but is fascinated about it, and i have many polyamorous friends.

I have created a book with 25 interviews of polyamorous people around the world, the book also includes a glossary and relevant links to websites. The book is supported by CAAN.

The book can be bought as a kindle version here. Paper back copies are available for £7 plus £3 P&P to the UK, and £5 P&P elsewhere. Please contact me for a copy.
i have exhibited my work at the Ruskin gallery at the Cambridge school of art in summer 2011. The project is a mixed media piece, showing images of the polyamorous family I’ve documented in Cambridge, three audio interviews with individual members of the family, five Skype recorded interviews and book of text interviews, from various members of the international polyamorous community.

I have also exhibited my work in summer 2011, at the old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London.

My intentions are to show the polyamorous lifestyle in an informative way, to educate the general public about this lifestyle choice.

I launched the book at PolyDay on the 27th of Aug 2011 in London.

More information, and images can be found on my Facebook fan page.

I have featured on ITV’s This Morning being interviewed about the book, BBC radio 5 live and The Polyamory Project book has been included in the Kinsey institute for research into polyamory at Indiana University.

The Kinsey institute works towards advancing sexual health and knowledge worldwide. For over 60 years, the institute has been a trusted source for investigating and informing the world about critical issues in sex, gender and reproduction.

The Polyamory Project book has been included in their research materials.

Customer Feedback:

“Actually I’d like to thank you for producing the book itself…it’s been really helpful to me in exploring my poly side as I’m quite new to it all. It was nice to read things from people who think like I do and feel that love doesn’t have to be between two people only, but that you can love more than one person without it being seedy or weird or even unusual.”

“This book is about the individual experiences of being in a Poly Relationship and how each has different dynamics dependant on the personalities and sexual preferences of the individuals involved. It is intimately written and has total honesty about it. Having been in a Poly myself, I can relate to some of the individuals and how they manage the relationship. It gives evidence that although it is not accepted in common and popular society, it is within other groups and subcultures such as the BDSM / Fetish scene as an example.

This isn’t just for those of a curious nature that want information to make a valid decision before possibly going further, this is also for those who have experience and may feel alone and shy to come forward. It is reassuring, to me anyway, that there are those out there able to speak out and have no fear about what the wider audience or society think. It takes a strong will and confidence to write something of this nature and it is worth reading. It will do something to you emotionally and make you empathise with those who have spoken.

This is beautifully written and is an experience not worth missing, wither you’ve never heard of Polyamory before or you are already in a practicing relationship. Take the time and be inspired.

As a Kindle / Ebook, it works very well. Clear and concise in the wording and programming. I personally feel that it would be best read on a Kindle / Ebook as it gives it the personal approach the book has about it.

Just beautiful is the only way to sum it up.”

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