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The Polyamory Project E-book Promotion

As promised in my last post, I am going to make the E-book free for the duration of June 2012.

If you would like to download it, click here.*

Please note, this is the file format for Kindle. It is not a PDF. If you would like a PDF copy please email me.

Polyday was pretty fun, I’m still looking for people to contribute to the next book. Please contact me if you’d like to take part in a text interview.

*This promotion has now closed.

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PolyDay 2012 and E-book promotion

From the success from launching the book at Polyday 2011 I’ve been asked to come back and feature as a contributor.

And as its our first anniversary of Polyday, there will be a very special promotion on the E-book. From the 16th of June 2012 for a limited time only the E-Book will be FREE!*

For those who haven’t seen the TV interview last august, there will be a chance to watch it and interact with the video and audio. If your not attending Polyday you can view all the media on my Youtube Channel.

In other news, my book will be auctioned at two events; The SMDykes conference in Manchester and Altruism in Birmingham. Please come say hello if your attending Polyday.

*if you have bought a copy of the E- book and would like a PDF version please contact me.

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Participants Wanted!

So, I’ve decided I want to make another edition of the book.

What i want to move away from is the book in its current state as It’s too involved with BDSM as the interviews where sourced from a kink related website. I would also like to include photographs.

I have met many new polyamorous people, I’d like to get some new insights.

If you would be happy in answering a set of 10 questions, either by text or on a video recorded on skype please contact me.

You’d have to be comfortable to have the material used online and in print. All names with be changed and I will be respectful of your privacy.

If any photographs will be taken, you will have control on the final edit.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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The Polyamory Project Book On BBC Radio 5Live

So, I’ve more or less put the polyamory project to bed due to personal commitments.

But whilst on my lunch break today I got an Email from the producer of the 5 Live show presented by Shelagh Foggarty.

Was pretty good interview, if you’d like to listen to it here’s the link* (not avalible outside the UK, but will be soon)

Fast forward to 49.11 minutes in 🙂

This interview also includes contributions  by my lovely media comrade Maxine Green 🙂

*Due to the BBC Iplayer’s rules the interview has been removed. I’m making the upmost effort to acquire a copy. If you happen to have one please contact me so I’m able to post it here.

Merry Christmas!

Hello All.

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, as I’ve relocated up north and now finished the book tour.

Things are slowly winding down, as I’m moving on to new projects.

I’m thinking about what progression this project could have, there are many little loose ends that need to be sorted.

I really would like someone to help me out with them! I really need to move the website to its own dedicated domain and hosting and get back on with the media side of things. Support with some web design would be great.

The next thing i’d like to do is take the book to the USA, somewhere like the Folsom fair.

Contact me if you feel you could help!

I would like to thank everyone who came to see me on my tour, and I’d like to wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas and a very happy 2012!

Mimi xx

October Update

Well, It’s been a pretty quiet couple of weeks but October I made sure I’d focus on my university work.

I did attend a very interesting talk about non monogamy by Dr Meg Barker, this can be found here.

Also, check out the new video on my Youtube Channel, DK Green talks about polyamory.

I do have a new date on the book tour, 10th of December Manchester Alt and Burlesque fair. More info about that can be found on the events page.

I am currently in talks organizing a solo exhibition at the beginning of next year, from this I am looking for more people to contribute to more interviews, video or audio especially and if you would like to be photographed please contact me

As usual you can buy the book directly from me, and I’d love to make some new friends at the events I attend 🙂

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Dr Meg Barker

Most recently i was invited to a talk on non monogamy at Cambridge University by Dr Meg Barker.

With her kind permission she allowed me to record the lecture.

Here it is: Non Monogamy Talk

Rewriting the Rules

Meg Barker

We live in a time of great uncertainty about relationships. We search for The One, but find ourselves staying single because nobody measures up. We long for a happily-ever-after, but break-up after break-up leaves us bruised and confused. We find a partner, but the reality of the relationship is not what we expected, and it becomes hard to balance it with all the other things that we want out of life.

No wonder we look for rules about relationships to help us to make sense of it all. But which to choose from all the rules on offer? Do we stick to the old rules we learnt growing up, even though they don’t completely fit? Or do we try something new and risk being out on our own and regarded as a freak? And what about the times when the rules we love by seem to make things worse rather than better?

This book is a friendly guide through the complicated, and often contradictory, maze of romantic relationships, exploring the rules that are out there today and the advice that they give us about attraction and sex, commitment and conflict, and many other issues.

Dr. Meg Barker is a sexual and relationship therapist, researcher, and author of many books and articles on relationships and sexuality. She edits the journal Psychology & Sexuality, lectures on psychology and counselling, and is recognised as a world expert in her field.

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Book Tour

Through 2011/2012 I toured the UK selling the interview book at the following events:

August 2011 – PolyDay Initial Book Launch

September 2011 – Bi-con

June  2012 – PolyDay

 October 2102 – London Alternative Market, part of London Fetish Weekend.

 November 2102 – SWAMP Bristol.

 November 21012 – Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (BBB)

December 2012 – Alternative and Burlesque Fair Manchester

If you would like me to come visit your event, and talk about the project, please contact me.

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The Polyamory Project Skype Interviews – Dennis Queen

Another element of the project was to interview people via Skype.

Using a program which would record the video and audio I asked the participants to answer the questions I’d provided them.

 Dennis Queen was my first participant, this interview can be viewed here.

This interview is the same questions as the book, but this interview is very special as it touches on Polyamory and bereavement.

More information about Dennis can be found on their blog.

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The Polyamory Project Interview Book And The Kinsey Institute

I got a very exciting e-mail in the last couple of days, from Kenneth R. Haslam MD. Kenneth is the founder for the collection of polyamory history for the Kinsey Institute.

Founded in 1947, The Kinsey Institute at Indiana University promotes interdisciplinary research and scholarship in the fields of human sexuality, gender, and reproduction.

The Kenneth R. Haslam Collection, developed by Dr. Haslam in order to further public and academic understanding of polyamory, contains a wealth of materials, including books, conference materials, research articles, newsletters, archives of web-based discussion groups, and more. The collection can be found here

I am very very proud to be contributing to this.

For those who aren’t aware of who Dr Kinsey is have a look at this.

He was also the subject of a film about his life and works.

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