Interview Book

You can buy a copy of the paper version exclusively signed for £7, £3 P&P UK. International postage £6.

PDF copies are £4 and also available on Amazon Kindle here.

I accept Paypal/Bank Transfer or Contact me for more payment details.

7 thoughts on “Interview Book

  1. Please email me details to buy the book via paypal 😀

    hugs and poly lurve.. Dennis xxxxx

  2. I would like to put this book into the Kenneth R Haslam Polyamory Collection, Kinsey Institute, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA. The link:

    Need more details. Many thanks.

    Kenneth R. Haslam MD

  3. Emil Fröjd says:

    I would love to buy it to so please send me info about how.

  4. Zenobius Kellermann says:

    Please send me a PoF copy via e-mail, thank you:)

  5. Rob Clucas says:

    I’d love to see a PDF copy please via email, please. Many thanks, Rob

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